Lakota warrior
Lakota Sioux Peace Pipe
Lakota Art must include information
on the Ghost Dance of 1890, because
it had a great influence on leather,
bead shirt designs. See "Ghost
Dance" article in the link above.

The women of the Lakota Sioux tribe
were known for their quill and
beadwork, whereas the Lakota men
made beautiful painted images on
their carefully cured hides from the

They created magnificently
decorated hide shirts were symbols
of bravery earned only by the most
courageous in battle.

Obsessively fringed and embellished
with porcupine quills, paint, ribbon,
hair and, later, tight patterns of
colored glass beads, the shirts took
on the spirits of their owners and
even today are made for wearing at
powwows and in recognition of other

Patterns were fashioned into
geometric shapes and frizzy fringes
of dyed magenta and yellow hair
finished the fine work of art.

They would use sacred symbols such
as the buffalo, but also added a
United States Army insignia, as seen
in an 1890 Lakota shirt.

They also worked in porcupine quills
and metal beads.
Lakota Beaded Moccasins
    Native American Art Heading
    1890 Ghost Dance Dress Worn By A Lakota Sioux
    1800 Lakota Sioux Peace Pipe
    Carved From Wood.
    Lakota Beaded Moccasins- Beaded
    Designs on Hide.
    Sioux Native American Ghost Dress, 1890
    Sioux Native American Beaded Blanket
    Sioux Native American Saddle Blanket, 1880
    Sioux Native American Saddle Blanket, 1880
    Sioux Native American Beadwork Blanket, 1910
    Sioux Native American Beaded Leggings
    Sioux Native American Beaded
    Leggings, 1900