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Jerome Matinez, Tewa Pueblo Painter
Jerome Martinez is from a Native American Tribe called Tewa, and is a life long resident of
the Tewa pueblo called San IIdefonso Puelbo, located near Santa Fe, New Mexico. He comes come from a long line of famous Tewa pottery makers. His great grandmother was Maria Martinez, which has become a name synonymous with Native American Pottery. a life long resident of San IIdefonso Puelbo, located near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jerome is a painter, illustrator and Wildland Firefighter. He has been painting for 31
years. He recently said,

"When I was a small child I was always drawing, I guess it was from the time I was able to hold a pencil or crayon. I actually received a "D" in painting when I was in 8th grade. I painted because I loved to paint and I was inspired by my uncles
and other well known Pueblo painters. I tried to imitate their styes and eventually evolved my own style and or styles. I paint very traditional Pueblo de San Ildefonso style motifs to very abstract and non-traditional type Native American Art."

After Jerome graduated from High School he began using color and original designs and actually taught himself how to paint. Today, he is a sought after painter with unique, beautiful, peaceful designs.
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Jerome Martinez a Tewa Pueblo Painter
Eagle Spirit by Jerome Martinez
Mythical Bird by Jerome Martinez