Apache Indian Clothing
The Apache woman usually dressed in buckskin dresses
such as the one on the lower right.
Apache warrior
Native American clothing- Apache dresss 1890
Apache Native Americans are known
for their beadwork, especially the
tribes that lived near Plains Indians.
Beads were sewn on their leather war
shirts for good luck. They also made
beaded bags, arrow quills, saddle
blankets, etc.

Apache men adopted the cotton tunic
shirt and pants of the Mexicans, and
calico dresses were worn by Apache
women, imitating the clothing of
Mexican women. Hide moccasins with
beaded decoration were worn by both
men and women.

Apache clothing by the 1800s, was
beginning to become influenced by the
U.S. Army code of dress, as seen in the
photo on the right.

Apaches who had lived on the Plains
adopted the dress of their Kiowa and
Sioux neighbors.

They wore feather headdresses, long
hair, and painted their faces in
particular designs depending on
whether the occasion was religious,
festive or ceremonial before warriors
set out to fight the enemy.

On the right is a beaded Apache dress
worn in the 1890s.

On the lower left is the Apache Geronimo
in a full headdress, showing the design
influences of the Plains Indians.
Apache headdress
Native American Art Heading
Arrows Decorated For War