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Navajo Indian Basketry
When is comes to making baskets, their
utility is as important as their religious value,
so they are kept for continual use.  This does
not negate the importance of the basket and
the basket making process.

The Navajo Indian People have a long history of
making baskets, which was influenced by their
Anasazi ancestors.

While weaving the reed into a beautiful design,
the Navajo basket maker strives for balance
and harmony, beauty and order.

Every aspect of Navajo life, whether secular or spiritual, is interrelated to hózhó.
Hózhó is encompasses the Navajo world-view, which is a striving for balance and harmony
between good and evil, disease and health.

Navajo creativity exemplifies hózhó in their basketry, and when hózhó is lost, the Navajo
must first perform a ceremony to restore balance. Then, the basket can be made
because the basket maker "walks in beauty," or lives in hózhó. Baskets are the material
expressions of the essence of the Navajo worldview.