Native American Art Heading
Sometimes pottery artists created elaborate bird motifs with detailed bird designs as seen in
this ceramic Polychrome jar below.

The clay at the Santo Domingo Pueblo is very feixible, which allows the pottery
maker to make very large pots, which are frequently needed for dough bowls or
storage pots.
Santo Domingo Pottery Making

The Santo Domingo Pueblo is located
approximately midway between
Albuquerque and Santa Fe, on the banks of
the Rio Grande, and it is one of the largest
of the many Pueblo Villages in the Northern
part of the state .

Their pottery can be identified by its dark
black geometric designs, buff colored clay,
and cream slip. You will see distinctly
negative areas within the design.
Santo Domingo woman with her handmade pottery
Santo Domingo pottery design with the use of negative effects.
Santo Domingo jar with bird motif and polychrome effects
At Right: Santo Domingo jar which
uses negative space for design
effects, 1915.
Santo Domingo jar in polychrome, 1910.