Native American Art Heading
Native American Choctaw artist, Dyanne Strongbow, moved from doing commercial art to
fine art after ten years developing her skills as a commercial artist working for state
agencies in Austin, Texas.

She began using water colors and painting Texas landscapes. As she moved into depicting
symbols and culture of the Native American, her work took on shadowy forms and the use of
negative space, in delicately brushed colors.
"The way I try to develop my pieces comes from my commercial art background," Strongbow
said. She studied commercial art in college and worked in the field for 15 years, much of it
with the Texas Department of Water Resources.

There is always a story to be found in Strongbows paintings. She brings a visual statement of
the Native American's unity with the world around him, blending the colors in artistic

The Strongbow lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is shown in several major galleries in
the United States.
copyright 2010
Dyanne Strongbow Choctaw Painter